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LifeBridge Health & Fitness is an award-winning fitness center centrally located in Pikesville in Baltimore County. Our 70,000-square-foot facility, state-of-the-art equipment, trained fitness professionals and unique amenities guide members of all ages and fitness levels in their journey to a healthy way of life.


New Body Video Review

We tip the scales and turn up some surprising findings

If you’re planning on walking any extra weight off, you better prepare for a long trip. Exercise scientists estimate it will take you about 150km of walking to shed just one kilogram of fat, which is a long way to go for a measly kilo.

For a while now, what you eat has been considered more important than the exercise you do in the argument over which has more impact in losing weight.

That idea was upended last year, when scientists from the Global Energy Network claimed there was “virtually no compelling evidence” that fast food and sugary drinks are the causes of obesity.

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Why Scars

Athlete’s foot, also known as Tinea Pedis or ringworm of the feet is the most common fungal infection of the skin and contrary to to its name, it has nothing to do with athletes. It is a fungal infection of the feet. The fungus causes the skin to redden, burn, itch, scale and crack. It normally occurs in between the toes but may also appear on sides and soles of the feet. In severe cases blisters can also form.

Irritated, weakened, or continuously moist skin is the most common cause of athlete’s foot infection.

Some precautions for athletes foot.

Keep your feet free of moisture.

Feet should be dried properly after bath or shower to ensure that the fungus does not get proper atmosphere to grow.

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Construction Medicals For Your Business

Corporate Environmental Services Inc. (CES) specializes in providing personal attention and high-quality environmental health and safety (EHS) consulting, due diligence and regulatory compliance services to private sector clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region from its offices in Pennington, New Jersey and Fairfax, Virginia.

Corporate Environmental Services is widely recognized for serving business and industry by solving problems related to environmental health and safety issues, minimizing our clients’ liabilities and ensuring compliance with State and Federal regulations in a cost-effective manner.

We invite you to review our credentials, the scope of services we offer and a sampling of projects that we have completed.

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Occupational Health And Safety Medicals At Your Premesis

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Emergency Dentist After Hours Dental Care Houston

I don’t have a regular dentist, but for the past 2 months my tooth and gums have been hurting and getting worse. Last Friday a dentist took me as an emergency patient. After the exam he only gave me something for pain. He said that he wasn’t sure where the pain is coming from and I need to see a specialist. Why wouldn’t a dentist be able to figure out why I have a toothache? He just looked at my tooth. Would an x-ray have helped? Do I really need to see a specialist or can I go to another dentist who takes same-day appointments? Rafael

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Hämorrhoiden Schwangerschaft Salbe

Hämorrhoiden schmerzen entstehen häufig in der Schwangerschaft und auch Hämorrhoiden nach der Geburt sind keine Seltenheit. Einige hilfreiche Wirkstoffe sind in Analtampons, sowie auch in Zäpfchen enthalten und können helfen. Als Analtampon wird ein Zäpfchen mit einem Mullstreifen bezeichnet, welches in den After eingeführt wird. Der Tampon bleibt im Analkanal und gibt dort gezielt seinen Wirkstoff ab. Ein herkömmliches Zäpfchen wandert im Darm von ganz alleine weiter und gibt seine Wirkstoffe in einem oberen Darmabschnitt frei. Sowohl Zäpfchen, als auch Analtampons können Beschwerden in und nach der Schwangerschaft durch vergrößerte Hämorrhoiden lindern.

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How To Weight Loss

Because it’s the beginning of January, you’re probably considering overhauling your eating habits.

Out with the Dominos, in with the horrible kale smoothies.

Or maybe you’re planning to start a proper diet regime because it’s easier to stick to an official plan rather than winging it on a healthy eating venture solo.

But before you go on your crusade against carbs, you might want to know which plans have been ranked best and worst by health experts.

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