Florida Deep Sea Fishing


With Captain Lance

I recently had the BEST time spending part of the day with Captain Lance off the coast of St. Martin. My husband and I decided to forgo spending a day lazying around the beaches and instead opted for a day spent deep sea fishing with Captain Lance. WHAT A FANTASTIC TIME!!!!! We met Captain Lance early Saturday morning and stepped on board his beautiful boat. We were happily greeted by his awesome first mate Bebe. Bebe is the best first mate EVER and spent the entire day making sure all our needs were met. She is a fantastic fisherman and really knows her stuff!! We were soon on our way and let me tell you—the scenery can not be beat! In addition to the excitement of deep sea fishing, you get the beauty of the surrounding islands and coastlines. St. Martin is even prettier when viewing it from the water! The surrounding islands make for postcard perfect pictures. Here is a picture of us leaving St. Martin, ready for our day of adventure: St Maarten FishingRaphaella Southern Cruise We headed out to the Puerto Rican Trench which is home to the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean and filled with BIG GAME FISH! Some people refer to the Trench as Blue Marlin Alley. It is a short 20 minute boat ride out to the trench so you are fishing in no time. Bebe does a great job baiting all the hooks and checking the lines. She is constantly on watch and she and Captain Lance remain constantly vigilant in their search for the big fish. During our day we had a lot of strikes and had a big marlin’s attention for the better part of an hour. It was really exciting. We had cold drinks provided by Captain Lance to help keep us hydrated during our expedition. We were already immensely enjoying our day when the long awaited sound “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzipppppp” filled the air as a big fish took the bait for good this time. It was beyond exhilarating to see our big catch way out on the ocean running with the line. It was a big one and the enthusiasm took over the entire boat. Everyone was cheering. I spent the next 30 minutes reeling in my PRIZE fish. Bebe was a great assistant and Captain Lance was right there to make sure my fish made it safely aboard. They were so patient and really were helpful in landing my BIG prize of the day. I have to say—there are lots of ways to spend a vacation day—but I guarantee no beach day could ever compare to the sheer excitement you will feel when you start reeling in your gigantic catch. Your heart starts racing and you just can’t wait to get that big fish on board. No picture of a beach day can ever compare to the picture you will bring home of you and your big trophy fish! They are the kind of pictures that make people look twice. They are the kind of pictures that make people say “WHOA!!!!” They are the kind of pictures that should be blown up and framed and displayed for all to see. It is a picture of a lifetime. How many days in your life can you bring home a photo that amazing!!?! At the end of the day not only did you get the fantastic views of the islands—but memories that will last a lifetime.

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Luxury Homes In El Dorado Hills

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What Are Best Find Knitting Gifts For Knitter Moms

By Deb Flombgerg

Mother’s Day is almost here, so if you haven’t spent some time figuring out how to tell mom that you appreciate all she’s done for you, this is your official call to action. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to show mom some love on the big day, either. There are lots of things you can do together, for very little money, that will create a beautiful and picture-perfect Mother’s Day for the most important woman in your life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Spend Time In The Garden

Mother’s Day signifies the unofficial start to the gardening season in many areas. Depending on your local weather, this is the perfect time to swing by the garden store to pick up a few plants, some fresh soil and some new gardening shears. Don’t just gift the great new gardening haul to mom—spend some time in the dirt with her. Get your hands dirty together and build or grow something beautiful as a team. She’ll love spending the time with you, and you’ll both have the great results of your effort later in the year.

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What Are Best Mug For Knitter

WOOLENS : A Book of Knitted Accessories by Jared Flood by Hannah Marble Here at Stash we spend a lot of time daydreaming, most especially about yarn! A few of us, and many in the community, have been traveling lately making travel projects a popular topic of conversation. What is an adventure without a perfectly… Keep Reading

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How To Get Back With Ex

So, you and your girlfriend broke up.

Is it possible that she may still be desperate for you to “win her back” — even though she swears she’s done?

Yes, it is.

Maybe she said it’s over. Maybe she said she doesn’t love you anymore. Or maybe (if she’s really mad) she said she never loved you at all. And now? Now she’s dating that other dude.

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Retirement Plans For Baby Boomers Or Millennials

The cast of ‘Younger’ TVLand

One constant in the world we live in is that there will always be people of all ages, alternately clashing and collaborating, in both the work environment and in all things personal as well.

Is it possible for a half-hour comedy to accurately comment about this ongoing push and pull, all the while not really siding with one group over another?

One entity is proving that the exploration of any kind of actual generational gap is intriguing, realistic, and downright funny.

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