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The South Seminole Heights Civic Association and the City of Tampa brought to fruition an idea that started over two years ago, the city’s first painted street mural at the intersection of North River Boulevard and West Louisiana Avenue in South Seminole Heights. In addition to adding public art, the street mural also instills community pride and uniqueness, while acting as a traffic calming measure increasing pedestrian safety and walkability in the neighborhood.

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Singapore Luxury Bathroom



The Emperor Costantino decreed tolerance for Christinaity in the Empire and he united the new with the old. Fittingly, his name is dedicated to a room where contemporary design is married with period furniture and a distinctive black&gold bathroom that offers a bathtub with shower. Try this particular very bright and quite room thanks to its large window overlooking the garden for a unique experience inside Domus Monamì Luxury Suites.  

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How To Get Out Bail

MILWAUKEE COUNTY — A Bay View man was arrested for the fourth time this year — and new charges have been filed against him. Eight new felony counts were filed on Monday, April 11th — and Bradford Harrington is now facing a total of 47 charges.

Prior to January 2016, 49-year-old Harrington had no criminal record.

Bradford Harrington

FOX6 News has learned Harrington was re-arrested on Wednesday, April 6th at his home in Bay View. This, after he posted bond in his latest case on March 19th.

The newest charges pending against Harrington include eight counts of possession of child pornography.

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Professional Truck Mount Steam Cleaner

Trust Cincinnati Maintenance with your fine upholstery.

As with carpet cleaning, a thorough vacuuming will be used to remove all dry soil from your upholstery.

An eco-friendly green cleaning solution will be used to remove soil and contaminates from the upholstery.

Upholstery is dry in 45 to 90 minutes compared to hours with conventional cleaning

Discounts for scheduled maintenance!

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Hairdresser Ashford Kent

Event Phone: 01634 820780

Fancy taking on the ultimate daily challenge??  Look no further: here’s how it works……. In 2017, you commit to covering a minimum distance of 5k a day for 365 continuous days. You can complete this distance using any discipline – running, walking, swimming, rowing, cycling – the choice is yours! But the key to this (more…)

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Bathroom Suites In Stourbridge

Redecorating any room can be an exciting time as we are given the freedom to let our creative juices flow. This is perhaps even more so for the bathroom, which we don’t tend to get the opportunity to update as regularly as the other rooms in the house, with perhaps the exception of the kitchen. So when we do finally get the chance, we can’t wait to start picking out the tiles and looking at bathroom suites. However, before your rush into a hasty purchase; you should first take some time to carefully consider your choices. After all, it could be ten or more years before you get round to updating the bathroom again. Even then it may be that you decide to leave the bathroom suite that is in place and simply update the decor.


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Bathroom Stores In Solihull

Our designs begin with pencil and paper which allows us to design based on our vision rather than being bound by limitations of kitchen design software so ubiquitous today. When designers are forced to pick from pre-configured cabinet styles to “build” a space, the kitchens more often than not take on a generic, utilitarian appearance. In contrast, our designs are as individual as their owners and home they have created, resulting in what is truly custom-made furniture for your kitchen.

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