What Are Best Find Knitting Gifts For Knitter Moms

By Deb Flombgerg

Mother’s Day is almost here, so if you haven’t spent some time figuring out how to tell mom that you appreciate all she’s done for you, this is your official call to action. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to show mom some love on the big day, either. There are lots of things you can do together, for very little money, that will create a beautiful and picture-perfect Mother’s Day for the most important woman in your life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Spend Time In The Garden

Mother’s Day signifies the unofficial start to the gardening season in many areas. Depending on your local weather, this is the perfect time to swing by the garden store to pick up a few plants, some fresh soil and some new gardening shears. Don’t just gift the great new gardening haul to mom—spend some time in the dirt with her. Get your hands dirty together and build or grow something beautiful as a team. She’ll love spending the time with you, and you’ll both have the great results of your effort later in the year.

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